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Technical support for "Parks of Croatia" Web portal and Mobile Application

The main scope of work included provision of technical support, verification and validation services during the period of implementation of web portal and mobile application "Parks of Croatia" in order to confirm that both software solutions meet requirements’ specifications and that both solutions fulfil their intended purposes. Services also included provision of web portal Parks of Croatia administration and maintenance services in order to ensure that all portal content meets established content standards, to detect portal content discrepancies and to implement adequate resolutions. End-user training and support are also provided on how to create portal content.

For the purposes of web portal’s interactive map “Visit park” and mobile application, GIS data was prepared, processed and published for various activities and attractions in all national and nature parks in Croatia (i.e. hiking trails, bicycle tracks, alpinism/climbing locations, cave sightseeing, fishing, diving etc.). Scope of work included existing GIS data topology correction and verification, missing GIS data digitalization, field data verification with park expert staff, preparation and data import to Bioportal as well as linking web portal "Parks of Croatia" activities, attractions and service information with Bioportal layers and objects.

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  • Client: United Nations Development Programme
  • Date: 1 August 2015 – until present
  • Keywords: Web technologies; web portal; mobile application; web map; spatial data; GIS; WFS; WMS; CMS; Google maps api; end-user training and education; technical support; administration and maintenance; Beacons
  • Implementing technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Liferay CMS, Google Maps API, OGC WFS/WMS services, PostreSQL/Postgis database, REST API, Google Analytics tools; Beacons