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Data georeferencing

Main scope of work included georeferencing, adjustment and process of data related to species field occurrences that are maintained in scope of Flora Croatica Database (NPIS floristic data module) as well as species occurrence data collected through EU Natura 2000 Integration Project.

Services included: georeferencing of species occurrence data from Flora Croatica Database (FCD), FCD spatial precision system alignment with Georef system, aligment of Georef ID numbering system with species occurrence data (field occurrences, museum collections and literature data) collected through EU Natura 2000 Integration Project.

  • Client: Croatian agency for the environment and nature
  • Date: 01.07.2015. – 31.10.2015.
  • Keywords: Data processing; spatial data; GIS; R; georeferencing
  • Implementing technologies: R, SQL Server